rImap rImap
Remote Imap, Mail replicator.
by Rimon Barr

rImap is a utility for synchronising folders of mail replicas. It currently supports IMAP and standard mail file replicas. It's modular design allows of easy extension with other replica types. I use it on my mail folders every 15 minutes, and to download stuff to my computer at home. I haven't lost a single message yet. You are welcome to use it as well.

rImap has now been open-sourced, and development resides at Sourceforge.

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A detailed HOWTO document, explaining how to use rImap, is available: rimap-offline-mailing.txt


  rImap v#.##, by Rimon Barr: Remote Imap, Mail replicator

  Usage: rimap [-s=kbytes] [-1|-2] replica1 replica2 folderset
  Usage: rimap <--dump|--delete> replica1 replica2 [folder]
         rimap -h | -v

    -h, -?, --help       display this help information
    -v, --version        display version
    -s=, --size=         limit messages transfered by size kilobytes
    -1 / -2              only transfer messages into replica1 / replica2
    --dump               dump replica folder state information
    --delete             purge replica folder state information
    --debug              emit error information

  Send comments, suggestions and bug reports to <rimon.barr@cornell.edu>.
Sample output:
Below is the output of a short, sample synchronization run.

It shows various messages being copied and deleted between folders on two different mail replicas being synchronized.

This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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